Honorable Mention TOKYO-2020 People / Portrait

The Forgotten

  • Photographer
    Matilde Simas
  • Agency / Studio
    Matilde Simas
  • Technical Info
    Canon R
  • Photo Date
    February 2020

In 2013, conflict broke out in South Sudan, leading to a complex and dangerous situation of armed conflict, economic decline, disease and hunger. Both sides of the conflict are responsible for abducting thousands of women and children to be used as armed soldiers, sentries, informants, spies, domestics, laborers, and sex slaves. ​​​​​​​“The Forgotten" is a portrait series of survivors who suffered prolonged and repeated trauma as a result of conflict displacement child trafficking. The project aims to advocate for increased access to psychosocial support for survivors.

Award-winning freelance photographer, Matilde Simas is a storyteller, educator, and the founder of Capture Humanity. Specializing in crafting ethical visual storytelling content for academic and NGO's around the world. Matilde leverages the power of visual storytelling to inform, provoke discussions, and inspire action. She achieves this by public speaking and exhibiting her work in museums, galleries, and public spaces. Her work on human trafficking has been widely exhibited by various UN agencies.