Honorable Mention TOKYO-2019 Portfolio / Fine Art

Screaming Landscapes

  • Photographer
    Hilde Maassen
  • Agency / Studio
    Hilde Maassen Photography
  • Technical Info
    I Make A Bump Map Of The Image, Make It In A 3d Later That I Combine With The Original Image.
  • Photo Date

We live in uncertain times with massive tensions in the economy, our democratic politics and what is happening with climate change. I want to show what is already contained in nature but invisible for the human eye. By making a bump map based on the contrast in the photo, I show a hidden spatial experience of the photo. It looks as if the photo or, part of it, breaks open and shows what lives inside. This way a new truth is created that is a surreal representation of the pain our world is in already. We now stare at a post apocalyptic future from which we choose to look away.

Hilde Maassen already knew at the age of ten that she wanted to study art. When she discovered photography, the semi-automated process that offers an endless array of possibilities to capture and adapt, transform or manipulate everyday reality, she was addicted. After her studies she started working as a teacher and worked commercially. In the scarce spare time, she works on projects. She has now decided to devote more time for her own work. Researching what is in the image, hidden, recorded, unseen. Hilde looks for ways to retrieve and show it. Currently clouds have captured her imagination.