Honorable Mention TOKYO-2019 Book / Documentary

Postcards From The World … Made In Australia

  • Photographer
    James Rolevink
  • Agency / Studio
    James Rolevink Photography
  • Technical Info
    Original Hardcopy Printed On Canon Dreamlabo5000
  • Photo Date
    Book conceived and published July 2019

PDF version of book published for the 2019 Australian Professional Photographer Awards. Every shot is handheld, with the vast majority taken with ≥15 year old Nikon technology. This book represents the most exciting part of my nascent journey as a professional photographer to date. It is a dedication to visual indulgence, decadent beauty, elegance and creativity. It is designed to excite and delight. It represents a snapshot of the enduring, white-hot passion I have for uncovering the best this marvellous world has to offer. I submit this summary of my passion with profound joy.

I'm an award winning Photographer with an exceptional talent for capturing the hidden beauty in unexpected places and fleeting moments. My white-hot passion is the nexus of art, science and technology. I revel in the relentless pursuit of perfection in the ‘darkroom’ as much as being in the field, camera in hand. I strive to create stunning visual stories and provocative insights through the elegant mastery of image science. My expertise spans DSLR to ISR: from capture, through post-production and retouching, to colour-managed art reproduction. I also love glamour, art and nature.