Stone Patterns

  • Photographer
    Thomas Estermann
  • Photo Date
    2016 - 2019

These pictures are part of an ongoing photo project I started 3 years ago, when I found very distinct figures and shapes on stones on the Table Mountain in Cape Town. Some of them resemble faces, others have a more sensual shape. I post-processed these pictures so that they have a more graphic feel. Since this first series from the Table Mountain I have more than 100 patterns from across the world. This entry includes patterns from Canada, China, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Sweden, Spain and Thailand.

After an education in painting I discovered travelling as a way of approaching the mysteries of the world and I started with photography. Working for a European organisation has taken me to all corners of the world in recent years. Meeting people and discovering how they experience themselves in this environment has been a great inspiration. In the beginning I explored people, places, colors, lights and shapes with my camera. In recent years, I have been increasingly using graphic and abstract photo projects which finally brought me back to painting.