Wheat Harvest

  • Photographer
    Eli Basri
  • Technical Info
    Fugi Xt1, F9, 1/550sec, Iso=200, Focal Length=38mm
  • Photo Date

Wheat harvest in the Israeli settelment of Mevo horon. Orthodox Jewish people keep the old Biblical tradition of harvesting and collecting the wheat by sickle. The wheat is preserved for a year and will be used for making unleavened bread in the next Passover. In Hebrew:"Matsa Shmura"

Eli Basri, 66 years old, lives in a small town in Israel. I started my interesting in photography 40 years ago. I am a self-taught.My main interests comprehends many areas especially landscape, nature, abstract, street photography and urban. I always look for the rare light and weather conditions that enable me to emphasize the subjects in a special way. I took part in many exhibitions and competitions, and my works published in magazines