Honorable Mention TOKYO-2018 Nature / Wildlife


  • Company
    Katrina Martlew Photography
  • Photographer
    Katrina Martlew
  • Technical Info
    Canon 1dx 1/1600 Sec, F/4.0, Iso 200
  • Photo Date

After days of locked in weather and no safe opportunity to take off in the helicopters. The skies finally cleared on day 4 with enough of a window to land on the ice floes where the harp seals were giving birth. With strictly one hour on the ice, I knew I needed to focus on one pup and I slowly scanned the horizon for my subject. With less than an hour to gain trust of the young pup as its mother would sporadically pop her head up to check on her, I respected their space and worked with my subject. I was on their time, their land, I was honoured.