Honorable Mention TOKYO-2018 Architecture / Buildings

The Bow

  • Company
    Cyrille Dubreuil Photography
  • Photographer
    Cyrille Dubreuil
  • Photo Date

The fast acceleration of the online economy development and the e-commerce revolution has obviously changed the way people shop, but it also has somehow surreptitiously transformed the landscape and architecture of our suburban areas. Companies design and build fulfillment centers with the objective to satisfy online orders as fast as possible. In my eyes they emerge like huge cargo ships, exposing valiantly their bow to the horizon, ploughing through the waves. Their minimalistic bare walls possess a certain abstract purity and geometric photographic quality.

Professional photographer born in Lyon in 1968, Cyrille Dubreuil, member of the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) and French professional photographers union UPP (Union des Photographes Professionnels), has been specialized himself in the fields of architecture, industry and construction for almost 20 years. Now based in New York he continues to build and offer his own vision and photographic aesthetic on the city and urban landscapes. His architectural or construction photographs can be found in many corporate annual reports or brochures, architecture agencies portfolios...