Honorable Mention TOKYO-2018 Fine Art / Collage

Apres Safari Jigsaws

  • Photographer
    Robin Apple
  • Technical Info
    An Abstracted, Collaged Image Captured And Processed On Iphonex Using A Sequence Of Post- Apps.
  • Photo Date

While on safari in South Africa I was inspired by the beauty and interrelatedness of nature and wildlife to create a series using my iPhoneX for capture and processing. I emerged from the experience focused on the concept of puzzles- e.g. animals in the bush as magnificent pieces that find their own ways of fitting together. From this flowed the abstracted, collaged, figurative images that comprise “Apres Safari Jigsaws”. To enhance the surreal and textural elements they are printed 40" x 40" on Moab Silver paper face-mounted on plexiglass.