A Portion of the Universe/The Bright and Hallowed Sky

  • Photographer
    M. Apparition

Through deep space, celestial bodies define a portion of the universe that hasn't been mapped. As variations in the void, spheres exist in turmoil -- pulses of searing energy disrupting the mantle. Others float as lonely outposts devoid of color, shades of topographical gray. There is a sense of infinity, with no beginning or real end. Chromogenic paper is exposed to room light and processed conventionally. Using a variety of corrosive chemicals, the emulsion of the c-paper is then selectively stripped, revealing the layers of color it's comprised of. Integrating the chemical reactions of the c-paper with the gestures of painting, the results are unpredictable, echoing the state of the unknown. As the corrosives dry, crystals form, giving the print surface uncommon depth and unexpected shimmer. Beauty as transformation. The process is of my own devising and is proprietary; the prints are unique.