Ver-rückt auf der Gasse

  • Photographer
    Michael Fritschi

The portrait series «Ver-rückt auf der Gasse» was created for the «Schwarzer Peter» association. Literally translated to “crazy on the grass,” the series is about homeless people who are mentally ill. Schwarzer Peter is concerned about people living in the streets. This project gave me the opportunity to create an artistic piece, which showed me a reality I didn’t know much about. The fact that more and more people with mental conditions are living in the streets is a topic ignored by society. Often it is not clear which came first: the homelessness, mental illness, dependency or poverty. Through the imagery, I’d like to demonstrate how these people are locked in their own rooms and how they sometimes don’t know their own state of mind anymore. At the same time I show places in my town where they can go and find rest. Even though, there aren’t many places like this anymore. Photography by Michael Fritschi Post Production by Gregorio Caruso