TIFA 2023

Viktor Rabaev and The Academy of Martial Arts

  • Photographer
    Hedva Rokach
  • Agency / Studio
    Hero Photography
  • Technical Info
    Canon D5 Mark 4
  • Photo Date
    Spring-summer 2023

The Or Akiva Martial Arts Academy was founded by Viktor Rabaev, a master of martial arts, who immigrated with his family from Dagestan to Israel as a child. Through his institution, the town's children learn discipline and control, and it enables some of them to get out of a state of challenging life circumstances, to succeed and triumph. Many of his students became world champions and brought much pride to the town. Through my series of photographs, I hope to share my appreciation for Viktor's achievements and his contribution to fostering and nurturing the youth in my community.

Hedva Rokach was born in Israel and resides in Or Akiva. Studied photography and painting at Beit Berel Academy and specializes in portrait photography and storytelling. She uses natural lighting and does not prepare her shots to tell the tale of people and their surroundings. Hedva showcased two solo exhibitions at Basis Art School and ‘Exhibition at the Crossroads’ as part of the 2023 Israeli protests. Participated also in a group exhibition at Georgia's Gori University. Released an international photo album ‘Tbilisi Dream’; many of her works were chosen for book covers. Photographer,writer.