Honorable Mention TOKYO-2017 Editorial / Environmental

The choice of ignoring the scenery

  • Photographer
    Meng-Chen, Lee

People are watching, like photography is watching through a skylight, they both make the deliberate choice of taking a beautiful image while ignoring the other aspects that also exist : the land subsidence, which is at the origin of floods and the low-lying areas filling up problems, the abandoned trash all along the coastline and the particles of polystyrene left by oyster farms. If the devastated environment is not next to their homes, they are totally indifferent. People are leading the policy of ostrich by being blind to the pollution they create. In order to show neglect of environmental issues, and because taking a picture can not be just the idea of a fragment of a distant screen, the photo is a handicraft work with mixed media, expecting the viewer can see that is not just a photo and the piece of work can be observed and make him thinking.