Honorable Mention TOKYO-2017 Editorial / Environmental


  • Photographer
    Arianna Ancona, Clara Putignano

The "Cittadella" is a district on the eastern outskirts of Potenza, in the heart of southern Italy. Created to cope with the emergency inhabited in the aftermath of the disastrous earthquake of November 23, 1980. The earthquake was the most terrible in Irpinia and Basilicata, but also in Italy in the twentieth century with an incredible duration of ninety seconds. The district built in a very short time, was an example of post-disaster reconstruction, hosting 1500/2000 displaced people from all over Irpinia. Today, 37 years after the seismic event, it has become a popular district where few changes have occurred since the emergency, where the streets do not have a name and the residents are waiting for a house, a place where the earthquake seems to repeat itself every day.