Honorable Mention TOKYO-2017 Nature / Panoramic


  • Photographer
    Tony Bueno

In a few minutes the sun comes out, you have limited time to capture a good image. In the Himalayas it was spectacular, with my two cameras I had to capture the moment that morning offered me. The long trip from Spain, the effort to get to Nagarkot had its reward, in that small space of time I captured what is for me the most spectacular sunrise I had ever seen.

As a child I was always attracted to photography, I practiced with a Kodak Rettinette from my father, I went buying my own cameras with a credit from the bank. I studied as an amateur at a photographic school and had my own laboratory. Now after 45 years since I used a camera for the first time, I'm still passionate about photography. I am 53 years old and have a good photographic team that took me to all my trips. The place where I like to go to photograph is in Morocco, in the desert. The reason I like the most is sunrises