Honorable Mention TOKYO-2017 Fine Art / Portrait

The String Theory

  • Photographer
    Patrycja Pawęzowska

If we believe that the universe does not behave arbitrarily, but certain laws govern it. In the end, we need to connect partial theories into one general theory that describes everything that happens in the universe. Stephen Hawking The String Theory illustrates the existence of a parallel reality. I assume that our reality is not the only one, and that each of us exists in alternative worlds through the choices we make. The history shows that the behaviours and thinking acquired in the past do not have a strong impact on the present times, as if the previous mistakes and their effects did not exist, what is visible in the current mutual reluctance and the lack of cooperation between not only individuals but also the whole nations. The String Theory project refers to the past and puts forward two assumptions to choose: 1) in decision-making I follow the analysis of the consequences of decisions made in the past because it is important for me not to make the same mistakes; 2) I make decisions based only on my temporal goods, regardless of the consequences. In the theoretical field I refer to Stephen Hawking’s Short History of Time and Quantum Theory of Multivers Theory by Hugh Everett III. In the imaging area it is derived from the project Why Is The Back Not Important? (2016). It was the performance where I portrayed the back of people's heads on the instant film Fuji mini. I thought about my life line then and decisions that brought me to this place.

Patrycja Paw?zowska (publication pseudonym Anna66 Andrzejewska) was born in 1977 in B?dzin, Poland. She is a member of Association of Polish Art Photographers. She is a winner of many competitions. She has had individual and collective exhibitions all over Poland and abroad.