Honorable Mention TOKYO-2017 Portfolio / Fine Art_PO

Urban Seascapes

  • Photographer
    Ignacio Barrios

"Urban Seascapes" explores the process of transformation of the urban landscapes of the cities By changing our point of view on the way we look at the façades of the buildings under construction, we are presented to a new landscape which allows us to recover the vision of the lost horizon blocked by the buildings in the city. During my childhood, I always lived in cities that were close to the sea (Biarritz or San Sebastián) and when I returned to live in Madrid in 2005 I always missed that landscape. "Urban Seascapes" has for me the goal to leave a testimony of how the cities are constantly changing their identity through their works but also for me the search for a mental landscape that I have always had in my head. The sea for me and for many people is a way of escape, a place without borders. With this series I want to offer the possibility of evasion by posing a new horizon within these large agglomerations blocked by their buildings.