Honorable Mention TOKYO-2017 Fine Art / Other

Techo Birds

  • Photographer
    Jelena Jankovic

A series of photographs "Techo Birds" was made as an experiment of questioning the notion of freedom. How much are we truly capable of freeing ourselves? Techno represents the direction of music that we associate with progressive festivals and whole night dancing at the concerts; it is the time when we celebrate and make ourselves free. Zoos are a place of fun and education, but animals are detained there and linked to the same environment for the rest of their lives. Zoo is a symbol of capture for me. With graphic interventions on photographs, I wanted to illustrate the emotion of liberation, both of my personal freedom and the liberation of captured birds. Photographs explore how might their dance look like if they had a liberation techno party, what would be the rhythm and color of their freedom. Photographs were created in zoos in Belgrade and Amsterdam, and were graphically upgraded by combining several techniques such as painting, collage and drawing on top of the photographs themselves.

Jelena Jankovi? is fine art photographer from Belgrade, specialized in dance and theater photography. Actively engaged in the documentary, freelance fashion, conceptual and experimental photography. Recipient of significant awards for her photography, such as Grand Prix Balkan Photo Awards 2016, 2017 Sony World Photography Awards, Siena International Photo Awards 2017, First Prize of 2017 Andrei Stenin International Press Photo Contest, FIAP plate of Sterijino Pozorje for Theatre Photography... She has exhibited at twenty groups and seven solo exhibitions and has been credited for photography