Honorable Mention TOKYO-2017 Fine Art / Abstract

Sois Belle

  • Photographer
    Annelie Vandendael

I am currently working on a second personal project, following my first series, 'Sois belle'. In this new project, I present the images two by two: by combining an image with a detail or a closer picture, I try to get even closer to the human body this time and reveal the authenticity and identity of it in a more exhaustive way. I also chose to include more animals in this series. Working with animals makes photography more interesting for me personally, because of the element of unpredictability that comes with it. The interaction between model and animal is an exciting and unique spectacle, every single time. Also, the relationship between the human body and an animal reveals to be very interesting: I focus on the resemblances in their appearance and physique, what ables me to experiment with shape, texture and expression. Colour and composition are still important for me as a photographer. By picking a less evident point of view that alienates the model or object in a natural environment, you enter a world of absurdity and abstraction, occasionally with a (coincidental) hint of humour. The contrast and interaction between the delicate legs of the flamingo and the shapely legs of a model, for example, resulted in what seems a slightely absurd dance between these two 'models'. I continue to work with my Hasselblad analog camera, since realisme and imperfection remain two essential elements in my work as a photographer too. The authencitity of the body speaks for itself, especially when combined with animals, who can't be manipulated.

Annelie Vandendael was born in Belgium (19.10.1987) and grew up in the South of France. After college she came back to Belgium to study at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (Kask) in Ghent where she got a master degree in Photography. Image-making has always been a passion of her. After finishing her studies, she was invited to ‘La Fabrica’, the Benetton Communication and Research Center in Treviso, Italy.