Honorable Mention TOKYO-2017 Fine Art / Other

decisive moment

  • Photographer
    Monika Cichoszewska

Ambototype was made in the wet collodion technique on glass using by large format camera Kodak View Kamera B 6x8" dimensions 6x8" Exposure 5-6 sec. Model: Model: Dawid Hemke, Model: Tomasz Balon Podlaskie Plenery Fotograficzne

Monika Cichoszewska - She photographs only with traditional cameras, on a large and medium format. A special place in the scope of her interests is the wet collodion and traditional technique, which she chose as a medium of artistic message . In traditional techniques, she makes positive and negative ambrotypes on glass plates, albumin, salt prints, cyanotype, van dyke contact prints, contact barite prints, gelatin silver from ambrotypes, or gelatin silver prints, 4x5 large format polaroids. Experiments with noble techniques. All her works are created in her own dark and stationary photographi