Honorable Mention TOKYO-2016 Book / Nature

Archipelago New York

  • Photographer
    Thomas Halaczinsky

“Archipelago New York” is my visual exploration of New York’s water world by sailboat, searching for a sense of place. More than 70 islands form the greater New York area spanning from the east end of Long Island to the New York harbor. It is my visual logbook of a 3000 miles journey through one of the most densely populated urban metropolises. The 160 pages book contains 60 single photographs and16 double page spreads. The book is accompanied by a limited edition of 20 photographs revealing the vast and mostly unknown island world around New York that has defined the city for centuries. Juxtaposing images of romantic seascapes with views of the New York Waterfront. Here is a selection of 8 images.

Thomas Halaczinsky is an award-winning documentary filmmaker, photographer and writer who lives in Brooklyn, New York. His work focuses on the relationship between people and places. In documentary films like „Coney Island – A last Summer“ (for German/French broadcaster ARTE in 2008) or „Don’t call it Heimweh“ he explored the importance of place for the identity of the protagonists. Since 2012 Thomas has been exploring the Archipelago New York by sailboat. His photographic and literary log book of this journey was published by Schiffer Books in the Spring 2018.