TIFA 2021 Nature / Wildlife

Peek A Boo

  • Prize
    Bronze in Nature/Wildlife
  • Photographer
    Thomas Vijayan
  • Photo Date
    20 Feb 2018

It was an extremely cold and windy day and I was at this location to shoot the wild horse that is when I saw 2 eyes sparkling through the snow. At first, I couldn’t make out what it is but later after keenly observing it I got to know that it is actually a Pallas cat. Its fur was so camouflaged to its surrounding that it was nearly impossible to make out that there is a cat sitting right in front of you. I found it very interesting and later I spent hours photographing and observing this cat waiting to see its next move that is when I also got to know that it was actually guarding its meal.

My name is Thomas Vijayan, I am basically an Architect hailing from Kerala, India also known as God’s Own Country, I was raised in Bangalore and now settled in Canada with my family. I have traveled all the seven continents for photography which is my passion but not my profession. The big cats have always been my favorite subject for photography. To me there is nothing called "perfection" in any photography, every click to me is an experience, the more I click the more I learn something new. I give more importance to quality than clicking pictures in quantity.