TOKYO-2020 People / Self-Portrait


  • Prize
    Silver in People/Self-Portrait
  • Company
    Vadim Doctorov Photography
  • Photographer
    Vadim Doctorov
  • Technical Info
    Nikon D3, 28 Mm, F/16, 1/125, Iso-200, Studio Flash, Camera Remote Control
  • Photo Date

Sometimes we feel like buried under the ashes, falling deeper and deeper into the abyss. People, relationships, faith - seems like everything dies. But we can fight until we breath, so listen to the order from your soul and arise, no matter how much ashes is above you. Being a self-portrait, this work also symbolizes stronger will of a female personality. Pictured Vadim Doctorov, Valerie Sobakar Khudayar, self-portrait. Hair stylist Yuliya Serenko

Vadim Doctorov Photography is a photo duet of a couple of a photographer Vadim Doctorov and his wife, model and muse Valerie Sobakar Khudayar. Their mutual career began in 2013, howeveer Vadim has more than 20 years of experience in the sphere of phorography, including being a lecturer on a permanent basis in the different photo schools in Ukraine.