TOKYO-2020 People / Family

Baci Papà Ciao (Kisses Daddy Bye)

  • Prize
    Bronze in People/Family
  • Photographer
    Marika Puicher
  • Technical Info
    All The Pictures Were Taken With A Nikon D750 - Color
  • Photo Date

I lost my father early in the third month of pregnancy. Naima was born on September 1st, 2019. In late January the Italian government has proclaimed the Covid-19 emergency. One morning I found a slightly yellowed cardboard on which my father had written to me "Baci Papà Ciao". At that moment I realized that I still needed to work out this loss. I could do it using photography. So I started to recount the intimate relationship between my partner Andrea and our little girl at the time of the lockdown and beyond. In the COVID-19 manure I sowed the seed of this long-term project on fatherhood.