TOKYO-2019 Portfolio / Personal


  • Prize
    Gold in Portfolio/Personal, 2nd Place winner in Portfolio
  • Photographer
    Selina Bressan
  • Photo Date

Boredom, "NOIA" in italian. For this project I took 20 guys beetween 6 and 15 years old and I left them alone for 20 minutes in a dark room only with the camera programmed to shoot at regular intervals 6 times, and I let them get bored doing nothing. Unfortunately today only technology capture their attention otherwise they don't know what to do and they're bored. I was so curious to see what they were able to do for spend the time. They were free to do everything they would: sleep, sing, gym, think, speak, bite their nails, or nothing!

Class 1971, wife and mother of two guys. Agent of commerce with great passion for photography since I was a teenager but more in the last 9 years. I also like to travel so, if I can, I travel and photography together. I like architecture photography in particular but I'm poliedric.