TOKYO-2019 Nature / Pets

Black Series

  • Prize
    Bronze in Nature/Pets
  • Company
    Emma O'brien Photography
  • Photographer
    Emma O'Brien
  • Technical Info
    1/200, F5.6, Iso 200, Nikon D810, Nikkor F2.8 24 To 70mm Lens
  • Photo Date
    April 2019

The BLACK SERIES features portraits of black shelter dogs, photographed to highlight the issue of 'Black Dog Syndrome'. Statistically black dogs are the least likely to be adopted & the most likely to be euthanised at a shelter because staff know that they’ll take far longer to find homes. The reasons behind this include black dogs being perceived as more aggressive, looking plain & not photographing well. I've challenged these misconceptions by photographing each dog as a unique individual & positioned them with eyes to camera so the viewer can connect with the soul of each individual dog.

Photographic artist Emma O’Brien is passionate about capturing the character and personality of her canine subjects and has created several bodies of work focusing on rescue dogs. Emma uses her photography to challenge misconceptions surrounding unwanted dogs, creating powerful portraits where the viewer and subject form an eye-to-eye relationship, inviting the observer to form a connection with the soul of the animal on display. The recipient of multiple international awards for her dog portraits, Emma shoots both private and commercial commissions for clients worldwide.