TOKYO-2019 Book / Documentary

Vietnamese We - Beyond Divides

  • Prize
    Gold in Book/Documentary, 1st Place winner in Book
  • Photographer
    Huy Trang Bùi
  • Technical Info
    Leica M7, Summilux 35, Summicron50 With Kodak Tri-x And Portra 160 Films
  • Photo Date

There are many art photography works that focus on a single country but only a dozen or so dealing specifically with its people (The Americans, Chinese, Cubans, Germans, Indians, Italians, Palestinians, Tibetans). This project humbly endeavors to introduce the Vietnamese. It thus took me 35 trips to 20 countries over 20 years (1997-2017) for completing a 100-photo series that is deemed to symbolize both the Vietnamese and their diasporas in the world. I am currently looking for sponsors worldwide to publish the multimedia "zixbook" and to promote this damn crazy project through exhibitions.

Advanced amateur photographer at heart Former engineer born in Saigon, living in Paris A few photo exhibitions in France Personal 20 year-long photo project on the Vietnamese and their diasporas (1997-2017) with a symbolic 100-photo series shot in 20 countries