TOKYO-2019 People / Culture

The Pacujawi

  • Prize
    Gold in People/Culture
  • Photographer
    Alamsyah Rauf
  • Technical Info
    1/1250 F/7.1 Iso 1000
  • Photo Date

Pacujawi is meaning Cow Race.Taken in Batusangkar West Sumatra of Indonesia, Farmers hold the race in the rice fields, usually before the farming season. They believe it is lucky if their buffalo wins the race. The event is a celebration for the rice farmers in the farming community. I deliberately tilted the horizon so that the tense effect is more pronounced

Alamsyah Rauf was born in a small district in south sulawesi precisely in Kab.Sinjai, maybe that's why this photographer is less known among photographers in Indonesia but his work has won dozens of world-class photo contest. After graduating high school, this man married in 2001 on the will of his parents, this makes him unable to continue college. After married Alamsyah worked in his parents' photo studio. Alamsyah Learning DSLR cameras just look at the camera manual and learn self-taught to techniques of composition, tone, and lighting via internet. In 2004 Alamsyah Rauf set up his own Phot