TOKYO-2019 Portfolio / Fine Art

Beyond Recognition

  • Prize
    Gold in Portfolio/Fine Art, 1st Place winner in Portfolio
  • Photographer
    C E Morse
  • Technical Info
    Digital Capture With Nikon 810 With Nikon & Hasselblad Glass
  • Photo Date

I hunt wild art; abstract details of found objects I photograph what is hidden in plain sight, but ignored, with attention to composition, texture, color & patina. My images unveil an unspoken history of random events that created & changed my subjects, which can only be guessed or imagined, and reflect Wabi Sabi Although my subjects have sat and transformed slowly over many years, their permanence is deceiving: they can (and do) rapidly change or disappear. I often capture them days before they vanish; my photographs are frequently all that is left.

I have been a habitué of classic car boneyards ever since I bought my 1936 Pontiac at age 15. I sourced parts various vintage auto graveyards. I discovered visual compositions in the distressed iron and glass that struck me the same way as did some of the most inspiring abstract art. This changed the way I viewed the world; I swapped my toolbox for a camera and started to capture wild art. "Art is not what you see, but what you make others see." - Edgar Degas