TOKYO-2019 People / Portrait

Headstrong: The Women of Rural Uganda

  • Prize
    Bronze in People/Portrait
  • Company
    Dan Nelken Photography Llc
  • Photographer
    Dan Nelken
  • Technical Info
    Sony Ax7r 2.8 90mm Macro
  • Photo Date

My objective is to combine the power of photography & give voice to the women in rural Uganda on issues that impact them & their families. These are the women who will face the new challenges to traditional customs posed by rapid population growth & unemployment over the coming decades. I photographed the women in front of mosquito netting It's quasi transparency partially isolates the women from their environment & at the same time it allows them to be noticed & valued for their labor & economic contributions The netting is a reminder that malaria kills over 6,000 Ugandan kids a year under 5.