TOKYO-2018 Science / Environment


  • Prize
    Gold in Science/Environment , 2nd Place winner in Science
  • Company
    Valerie Chauffour Photography
  • Photographer
    Valerie Chauffour
  • Technical Info
    Diptychs, Digital Photography.
  • Photo Date

An ailing world.

A visual representation of the ills that gnaw at the bodies and the environments in which they evolve.
Critical interactions mingle with conflicting interests, mirroring developments continue towards a worrying outcome.
The worst is never certain, but poisons are omnipresent, poisons for the soul and for the earth, at work together.
Sleeping consciences, despite the urgency, remain in lethargy.
Malignant cells are spreading, lifestyles are kept unchanged despite the predicted disaster.
Aggressive thorns and stifling cobwebs, barbed wire and toxic substances, the stage is set.

Valerie Chauffour is a French photographer based in Paris. She first got a business school degree and then became an airline pilot. Over the years Photography came to occupy a major place in her life. In 2015, she decided to fully devote herself to it and resigned from her pilot career to become a professional photographer. Her photography practice is oriented towards documentary/travel and fine art. She still gets her inspiration from her travels, connecting with other cultures and questioning the place of human beings in their environment. She is very concerned about environmental issues.