TOKYO-2018 Editorial / Political

Black Lives

  • Prize
    Silver in Editorial/Political
  • Company
    Robi Chakraborty Photography
  • Photographer
    Robi Chakraborty
  • Technical Info
    Iphone 1/125 Sec; F/2.2; Iso 32
  • Photo Date

Black lives matter rally in Minneapolis protesting police shootings of African Americans.

My photography is as spontaneous and instinctive as breathing. In the moment, on the go, as life happens. Life unfolding naturally without pausing for the camera. Giving you no time to make the action freeze. Capturing the essence as much as I possibly could in that flashy fraction of a second. There is no set pattern, there are no conscious efforts to put together a collection. They are just windows which open to me quietly during my sojourns amongst people, into nature. Commercial work includes Blossom Kochar, Alfred Allen Advertising, Heins USA.