TOKYO-2018 Nature / Flowers

My Flowers Are Like Prima Donnas!

  • Prize
    Silver in Nature/Flowers
  • Company
    Digital Center Ab
  • Photographer
    Nils Gunnebro
  • Technical Info
    Cambo Ultima 35 With Canon Mark Ii. Lens: Schneider - Kreuznach Apo Digitar 5.6 / 80 M-28° Mc
  • Photo Date

My flowers are like prima donnas! They want to be in the spotlight and get all the attention. I want to relate me respectfully to each flower's peculiarity. That's why I spent considerable time into lighting. My ambition is shaping every flower in such a way that the flower's beauty is emphasized.

I work today with floral portraits under the slogan: My flowers are like prima donnas! 1992 I started shooting digitally in the studio with the ProgRes 3008® camera and from 1996 with a ProgRes 3012®. The images gamut was huge (for that time) with a image size up to 32 Mb. Before that, I used an 8x10" with sheet film that I developed myself as I have done until 1993. Today I use Cambo Ultima 35 with my favorite lens: Schneider - KREUZNACH APO DIGITAR 5.6 / 80 M-28 ° MC