TOKYO-2018 Science / Technology

Metamorphosed Beings

  • Prize
    Silver in Science/Technology
  • Photographer
    Hanjong Yoon
  • Technical Info
    Industrial Camera, Lens, Illumination, Image Processing Board And Computer + Insp. System
  • Photo Date
    Sep 30 2017

All visible beings have color. We think that color is one of the essence of its beings.The color of beings depends on the color of the light.The essence of the beings is denied. I took 10,000 photographs of electronic components using the inspection system I developed. The 10,000 photographs were randomly selected and represented using the software I developed. I mainly used the red light on system. 10,000 photographs with various red colors have nothing to do with the essence of electronic components. They converge into an abstract being.It is a surprise.

2018 Invisible beings, Insa Art Center, Seoul Invisible beings II, Gallery NOW, Seoul (Up Coming) Group Exhibitions 2018 Gaze and Thought, Noon, Jeonju Int'l Photo Festival, Jeonju Photo May, Hongik Museum of Modern Art, Seoul 2017 International Open Call of the 16th Donggang International Photo Festival, Donggang Museum of Photography, Yeongwol Post Photo, Topohaus Art Center, Seoul Pneuma, Ryugaheon, Seoul 2016 High Light, Sai Gallery, Seoul Post Photo, Hongik Museum of Modern Art, Seoul