TOKYO-2018 Editorial / Photo Essay

Rising Sun, Troubled Waters - Water Grabbing and The Sino-Indian Challenges Over The Brahmaputra

  • Prize
    Bronze in Editorial/Photo Essay
  • Photographer
    Nicola Zolin
  • Photo Date

Beneath the stunning Himalayan mountains at the China-India border, the greatest tensions of the continent unfolds. The two water-scarce countries are competing for the most precious of the resources: water. The Yarlung Tsangpo - Brahmaputra waters has been seen therefore as the waters that could save on one hand Chinese rush to world economic primacy through dam hydroelectric projects, and on the other hand to push for developments on the most remote areas of the Indian North-East, inhabited by tribes with specific cultural features and by the only Tibetans who are not under China's control

Nicola Zolin, 34, photojournalist and writer, interested in the social and environmental transformations at the borders of Europe, Middle East and Asia. He earned a BA in Mass Communication and a MSc in International Relations. His works has appeared in some of the most important magazines and newspapers such as De Volkskrant, Al Jazeera, Politico, Stern, Vice News, Der Spiegel, La Repubblica. He wrote “I passeggeri della Terra” for Polaris edition