TOKYO-2018 Editorial / Photo Essay

Notes On Blindness

  • Prize
    Silver in Editorial/Photo Essay
  • Company
    John Ferguson Photography
  • Photographer
    John Ferguson
  • Technical Info
    Taken With A Hasslebald H2 Phase One Digital Back
  • Photo Date

My project centres on some of the issues of those people in our society living with the condition of sight-loss and blindness and some of the issues associated with this unfortunate condition. This photographic project is one which I describe as sitting somewhere between fine art and the documentary genre. I’d like to think that I'm making photographs rather than taking pictures. There is a paradox in photographs in the documentary style, they combine facts and fiction, and although this may be a contradiction, I find it a stimulating concept, if not a complex one.

Visual Storyteller, producing imagery for charities and foundations. My background is in the editorial markets, working for national newspapers and magazines. I have travelled extensively covering world events from conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraq and Beruit through to projects and campaigns for large NGO's in African, Asia and South America.