TOKYO-2018 Advertising / Beauty


  • Prize
    Silver in Advertising/Beauty
  • Photographer
    Fabrizio Micheli
  • Technical Info
    1/125 - F/4.0 Iso 400
  • Photo Date
    08 May 2018

We wanted to create a strong image with a naked figure, but using the bracelets and the necklaces to make her not completely nude. I used the mirror on the background to show the room and I put her with the feet on the table close to the vase of flowers

I always loved photography, since the first small plastic, fixed focus, camera: a present from my mother. My first reflex (film) came at high school...... a dream made truth after a long time and huge saving efforts. Then university came. I always interacted with "Science" , something which is a strange and obscure subject for most people. A way, for me, to look into nature and things. Like through the lens of a camera. When I moved to digital, I found a new world, but the same passion as ever.