Pattanawit Suntiniwat
Pattanawit Suntiniwat

Pattanawit Suntiniwat

TIFA 2022 Interview with Pattanawit Suntiniwat
1st Place winner in Advertising, Non-Professional, “Flower, Butterfly and Girl”

Q: Tell us a little bit about your background. How did you develop a passion for photography? 

My name is Pattanawit Suntiniwat. You can call me “Guide”. I`m 32 years old. I’m a Thai photographer based in Nagoya, Japan.  

Actually, I graduated from Master’s degree of Industrial Engineer, Mahidol University. After I graduated, I married a Japanese person and moved to Japan in December 2019. Then, I got an opportunity to be an assistant at a large commercial studio in Nagoya named “Baku studio”. Because my Japanese was poor at that time. It was very difficult to teach me about photography and retouching. So, I had to watch and tried to learn by myself mostly. After 6 months passed, the studio closed because of the Corona virus situation. Then, I had to study everything about photography and retouching from Youtube or online courses by myself about 2 years ago. 

When everyone is thinking about fashion in Japan. Tokyo or Osaka are famous. So, I also want Nagoya to be another choice. 

Q: Could you provide more details about how you captured this award winning photograph? What was the main idea behind it, and how did you go about constructing it? 

The idea of this shooting was from my designer “Yonezawa Yukino”. She wants to design a red dress with gold butterflies. Then, I contacted “Nomura Shiori” to be a makeup and hair stylist for this concept for the first time. My model “Morishita Aiko” is who I took since I started taking photos and Yonezawa wanted her to be a model for this dress. 

Q: What does it mean to you to get this award? 

First of all, I want to say thank you to all the judges who selected my photo.  TIFA 2022 is my first competition. I really appreciate it. 

As I mentioned before, I learned everything about photography mostly by myself. I can discuss how my photos look with some of my friends but no one teaches me in-depth technique or the editing process. So, it was confirmation that I am coming in the right direction.

Q: Photography is a great medium for communicating various messages to people. What are your thoughts on this tool and how do you use it? 

I agree with it. I’m quite an introverted person. So, I want to use my photos to communicate with everyone about what I am thinking, what I like or what my vision is. 

Q: What would you say best describes your photography and your style? 

Portrait would be my best description. Anyway, I have no main style yet. I`m still in the learning process. I hope I can find it soon. 

Q: What one thing do you wish you had known before you started taking pictures? 

It might be a funny thing but I should practice more Japanese before. Mainly, I like to take portrait photos. It’s really difficult to communicate with a model or team. Because I started taking photos seriously in Japan. 

Q: Could you tell us what photography gear you personally like to use? 

I use Canon EOS R5 with Canon lens. For lighting, I use only Godox. Process with Capture one and Photoshop. 

Q: What would you say are some essential tools for new photographers? 

Camera, camera setting, lens might be the first thing you think about. It’s really common which camera or lens could take photos. The idea is really important. Try to find your own idea. In the first, you can see other work and try to take photos like that. Then, try something new or develop ideas. Try to be yourself not try to be other. 

Q: Whose work has had the greatest impact on you? 

The things that impact me are not only from photos. Movies, Music videos or  even some words from books or songs could also be my idea. But if talking about  whose work I like are Chris Knight, Lindsay Adler, Brooke Shaden and Haseo  Hasegawa.

Q: What are your future plans? Do you have any exciting projects going on right now that you could tell us about? 

I have 3 big projects this year. 

First, I am going to join the photo exhibition in Tokyo in July. My concept is  taking 7 models. It will be my first time taking a photo with a large group of models. It’s really challenging. Second, I will caption the movement of the dancer with Katana (Japan sword) using stroboscope technique. Last, It’s still the concept. I want to use the 4 seasons in Japan as a design concept for fashion photography to represent the color and beauty of each season with 4 models.   

Q: If you had limitless funds for a dream project, what would you do? 

It might be a basic dream but I want to bring my team to take photos at each iconic or non-iconic location around the world.