TOKYO-2019 Advertising / Fashion

Fashion Delivery

  • Prize
    Silver in Advertising/Fashion
  • Company
  • Photographer
    Tobias Meier
  • Technical Info
    Phase One Iq3 100mp Trichr, Schneider Kreuznach Ls 80mm, Elinchrom Light Gear
  • Photo Date
    April 01 2019

Taking to skies in a cargo airplane, three femme fatales make a fashion delivery with their favourite fashion designer in high style. Photography, Art Direction, Concept, Production, Set Design, Editing & Retouching: 2b+photo Stylist: Carla Vanderhorst MakeUp: Kimberley Bosso Hair: Ashleigh Howard Fashion Designer: Fouad Sarkis Jewelry Designer: Sara Weinstock Models: Michaela Vybohova, Gabrielle Britez and Kara Solek for The Industry Model MGMT LA

2b+photo (Tobias Meier) specializes in storytelling photography for fashion and advertising. 2b+photo makes conceptual photography, with many intricacies to draw the viewer in. He carefully combines complex sets, backdrops and visual effects for contemporary photography with a surrealist and pop-art feel. His work is detailed and colorful, communicating brand aesthetics through highly stylized photography. He is based between Vancouver and Paris.