Silver 2017 Fine Art / Nudes


  • Prize
    Silver in Fine Art/Nudes
  • Photographer
    L Ramachandran Lakshmanan

Galaxies and its vast, complex structures are invisible for human's naked eye. Human vision restricted up to certain point.Photographer L Ramachandran has imagined his surreal universe filled with VIBGYOR-inspired pigmented colours and effects. In this suite of work, strange female forms communicate within themselves through geometrical and abstract lines on their bodies. It's lead them give signals to connect within galaxies.This artful conception portrays an imaginary appearance of divine creatures.The eyes are unfathomable despite being closed. Their soul represents the twinkling star that is obscure. Unexplained aura draws people to endless arcane. The extrinsic unconcealed shape, twists and twirls feast the viewer's eyes like the dance of aurora borealis.

A self-taught photographer, L Ramachandran in defining his creative contours sought a different genre, making him the only Indian representative photographer of the Playboy magazine. And achieving this position was no mean feat for this young and avid aspiring photographer. Having found a creative niche, presently his oeuvre spans varied genres as architecture, wild life, lifestyle, fashion, celebrities [including Indian and international], Contemporary, fine art and performing arts.