Bronze 2016 Editorial / Environmental

Future in progress

  • Prize
    Silver in Science/Environment , Bronze in Editorial/Environmental
  • Photographer
    Joel Odesser

Hong Kong, 2016. Constructions of tomorrow sometimes unapologetically replace the foundations of yesterday. With full confidence on urban development without a speed limit, can we build a future alongside historical legacy? As Feng Shui wisdom recommends, accept the Past, embrace the Future, and live in the Present.

Joel is a self-taught French photographer. He inherited his interest in photography during early childhood from his grand-father who was a professional photographer.He has developed photographic skills and his portfolio since 2003 while travelling across the Americas and Greater Asia. Photography became intimately connected to his passion for travel.Living in France, Cana New York and now Hong Kong has led him to find a true interest in urban sceneries both as an outsider and insider, providing a medium for him to pursue Photography as an Art, and as an experiment