Bronze 2016 Events / Sport

60 travesias

  • Prize
    Bronze in Events/Sport
  • Photographer
    Jordi Cohen

60 Travessia is an ongoing project that is part of the collection Mercè Stories. It is a project initiated three years ago when I met Antonio Figueredo in Port in the Barcelona’s Port Course in the Fiestas de la Mercé (patron of the city of Barcelona). Since then, I share every year the Port Travessia Sundays during the festival of La Mercè’s. Antonio Figueredo (86 years old), has 61 years doing this test. It all started back in 1948 and since then, almost every year attended. Only a few absences (less than 5 seems to remember) the result of work commitments of the past. This brave swimmer who holds multiple records and championships in Spain senior categories, go every year to its annual meeting with the Mercedes with the intention to withdraw. So far not succeeded. Hopefully a long time to do …!

Jordi Cohen is a documentary photographer based in Barcelona. Born in Manresa, Spain. With a Medical background, he has worked for twenty years in the health sector in Spain, Latin America and Africa. Make fundamentally social reports. His work attempts to convey emotions linked to cultural aspects of different countries and civilizations. NGO Contributor AIDNOH (Haiti), Agua de Coco (Madagascar) and Cafebabel (Digital European magazine).Has exhibited his work in Europe and America, to highlight San Diego Art Institute, CEH “Manege” St. Petersburg, Royal Geographical Society of London, Galle