TIFA 2023 Fine Art / Special Effects

Sakura Reverie (芽依)

  • Prize
    Bronze in Fine Art/Special Effects
  • Photographer
    Jenny Hollyway
  • Agency / Studio
    Hollyway Studio
  • Technical Info
    Canon R, Photoshop, Blender Etc.
  • Photo Date

"Sakura Reverie: A Fusion of Artistry" "Sakura Reverie (芽依)" is a mesmerizing composition that seamlessly melds photography, CG, design, and AI. The central focus is a beautiful Japanese girl enveloped in the vibrant red hues of Sakura blossoms against a backdrop of stark black and pristine white. Her closed eyes suggest a moment of profound contemplation, where time stands still and the scent of Sakura fills the air. This image invites viewers to delve into the enigma of her thoughts, as she immerses herself in the beauty of the moment.