TIFA 2023 Nature / Panoramic

Miracle of Spring

  • Prize
    Bronze in Nature/Panoramic
  • Photographer
    Hiroki Matsubara
  • Technical Info
    Nikon Z9 14mm F11 1/50s Iso64
  • Photo Date
    2023/4/16 6:00:20

This was early one spring morning. I went to a lake where cherry blossoms were in bloom. It was raining at night, and at sunrise the rain stopped and there was fog. While I was photographing the scenery, a rainbow appeared overhead. I hurriedly changed lenses to find the right composition and took the picture. Here is a shot of the spring cherry trees and the two miraculous rainbow arches! I took a 14mm shot, but it didn't fit, so I took multiple shots and composited them into a panorama.

I am a landscape and wildlife photographer with a wide range of genres in Japan. I usually work as a construction worker and enjoy using my camera. I work for various companies and NFT in a wide range of fields. I started participating in international photo contests outside of Japan in 2022!