TIFA 2023 Fine Art / Special Effects

Animals and Animation In Fashion

  • Prize
    Bronze in Fine Art/Special Effects
  • Photographer
    David Yeo
  • Agency / Studio
    David Yeo / Yoyo Studio
  • Photo Date
    October 2019

Shot in YoYo Studios incorporating live animals (snake, hedgehog, husky dog, cat) along with animations and fun furs within the clothes. By using a variety of filters and special lighting effects to create a fluorescent effect that not only highlighted the model but was able to show the clothes in a completely original setting. The 'eyes' became a running theme, incorporated within the filters, shot through the lens of the lighting, in some of the animals and the dresses and in the models themselves.

David Yeo is an award-winning photographer and works with filmic lighting creating drama and a cinematic, film noir atmosphere. David likes to build his own lights and create his own sets in his studio in London. David shoots fashion, celebrity and beauty and has worked with everyone from Lily Allen and Rosamund Pike to Bebe Rexha, Janelle Monae and Roberto Cavalli. David has photographed for many different features and campaigns and works worldwide. David regularly contributes to both national & international magazines and has been exhibited extensively.