TIFA 2022 Nature / Landscapes

A Thousand Winds

  • Prize
    Gold in Nature/Landscapes, 2nd Place winner in Nature
  • Jury Top 5 Selection

    Goh Kim Hui What an incredible moment. The beautiful formations by the birds certainly move our soul and heart.

  • Photographer
    Sue Park
  • Agency / Studio
    Shatto Gallery
  • Technical Info
    1/800 Sec, F/6.3, Iso-100,-0.3 Step, Full Frame
  • Photo Date

There was a sad accident in Korea in 2014. Ship sank in the ocean and more thatn 300 young highschool students died. They were going on a group trip. When I saw these thousands of birds flying as a group, I thought about this song A Thousand of Winds and remembered the verse, saying,... Please do not stand at my grave and cry. I am not there, I did not die. I am the swift rush of birds in flight. I am the stars that shine at night. I am a thousand winds that blow... In front of this incredible moment, I could not breathe and kept pushing the shutter.

2022-23 Solo Exhibition at Palazzo del duca, Senegallia, Italy 2019 Solo Exhibition at Shatto Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, USA 2019 Group Exhibition “Landscape: East Meets West,” Pesaro, Italy 2013-23 Published photos in the Asian Pacific Heritage Calendar and Cultural Guide by the City of Los Angeles, USA 2017 Solo Exhibition at Gallery Dooin, Seoul, South Korea 2016 Group Exhibition at University of Southern California, L.A. CA, USA 2015 Group Exhibition in Mexico City, Mexico 2014-2011 Group Exhibition in Tsushima,Japan and Seoul, Korea, Qindao,China, Tianjin, China, L.A.,USA