TIFA 2022 Fine Art / Special Effects

The Warrior

  • Prize
    Bronze in Fine Art/Special Effects
  • Photographer
    Teresa Camozzi
  • Agency / Studio
    The Camozzi Art Studio
  • Technical Info
    Layered Image Printed On Six Layers Of Plexiglas, Installed One Inch Apart And Erected At Life Size.
  • Photo Date

From the first Warrior to that of the present, within us, he sits next to our fear of extinction. Experiencing the lashings and penetration of obstacles, he continues to rematerialize country by country, continent by continent, all within our pre-coded primitive mind.

Multimedia California artist Teresa Camozzi, born in Rabat, Morocco, immigrated to the United States when five years old. Her artwork evokes the complexity of the Islamic, while her immigration shades her political view. She is known internationally for large-scale permanent public artworks, and she combines representational and abstract images via conventional art methods (photography, drawing) and computer technology. One example is a seven-story installation near Shanghai, China; another is at Miami International Airport. She is passionately involved in fine art and documentary photography