TIFA 2022 People / Life Style


  • Prize
    Gold in People/Life Style
  • Photographer
    Katy Gomez Catalina
  • Technical Info
    Fujifilm Xt3.
  • Photo Date
    April, 2022

The festival of the "ensogao fighting bull" in honor of San Marcos, is one of the most deeply rooted Spanish popular festivals, declared Festivals of tourist interest in Andalusia, and which is celebrated in the municipality of Beas de Segura, in the province of Jaén. Imposing horns and infarct cuts, applause and cheers to avoid the horns of the more than 140 toros that run through the streets set up for this purpose. Controversy and passion, opposing postures that do not tarnish the bravery of the runners.

Born in Ubeda, Spain and doctorate in Veterinary medicine. I am currently involved in official control in public health. Photography is part of my conception of enjoyment and I live it passionately. Mainly it is a photograph framed in the photo essay. I look at the world, not only to testify what I see, but mainly, to express a personal perspective, a point of view, an interpretation and not just a representation. My subjects are very varied being travel photography a common link in all my work.