TIFA 2022 Book / Fine Art

The Spectre At The Feast

  • Prize
    Bronze in Book/Fine Art
  • Photographer
    Nancy Oliveri
  • Technical Info
    8"by 10" Self-published Prints On Fine Mohawk Eggshell Finish Paper, 42 Pages
  • Photo Date

The title the Spectre at the Feast refers to Shakespeare's Macbeth and the haunting after the murder of Banquo. It serves as a metaphor for the remorse and consequences surrounding our destruction of the natural world. The montage style layout is inspired by Haiku poetry, Surrealism, cinema and my psychoanalytic training. It's the 3rd of my Dejavu trilogy andImages were taken from 2012-2022.

Nancy Oliveri, b.1958, Providence, RI is a NYC based American fine art photographer.She is the recipient of numerous international exhibition awards, honors and features for her photo books, still life & street photograph.Esteemed curators and institutions include PX3 Paris, PH21Gallery, Guelman & Unbekannt, Fotonostrom Gallery, Julia Margaret Cameron Awards,Elizabeth Avedon, Mark Sink,The Big Picture, Urban Photo Awards, Soho Photo, Museum of the City of New York, Kyoto Journal, Musee Magazine, L'Oeil. Her recent AI generated work trained on her archives is current recognized internationally.