TIFA 2022 Book / Nature

Forest of Misty Vision

  • Prize
    Silver in Book/Nature
  • Photographer
    Kazuaki Koseki
  • Agency / Studio
    Photostudio Koseki
  • Photo Date

This work was shot over a period of seven years in the forest of Shirakawa Lake, which is flooded by meltwater for a month in the spring. Themes of the work are "the world woven by the humidity", unique to the northern basin surrounded by mountains; "the world woven by mountains, forests, and rivers" that create it; and "reality and unreality". Kazuaki Koseki is looking for answers to the environmental problems that occur at the same time while conveying the beauty of this scene created by the construction of the dam. 写真集「霧幻の水森」

Born in 1977 in Yamagata prefecture,Japan. Kazuaki Koseki was born into a family photo studio business, of which he is the eldest son. With photos forming a familiar part of his life since early childhood, Koseki now conducts his private photographic work while running the studio he has since taken over. Mountains. Forests. Rivers. Koseki forges his way into the wilderness of Yamagata and Tohoku region throughout the four seasons, and has dedicated himself to capturing the natural majesty of the area in many of his works, including in his landmark series Summer Faeries.