TIFA 2022 Events / Other

Firecrackers At Lord Handan

  • Prize
    Bronze in Events/Other
  • Photographer
    Li Ting
  • Technical Info
    Fujifilm X Pro3, 1/320, F3.2, Iso 640
  • Photo Date

It is a very special ceremony as a real person will take the place of the Lord Handan in Taitung where is in the east of Taiwan. People generally believe that the Lord Handan is the god of wealth. Someone will be selected to play the role of Lord Handan. The person only wears a pair of red shorts and covers his face with a towel. In his hand, He will hold a branch to protect himself. Then, he will be carried by people on a sedan chair and accept people to throw firecrackers to his naked body.

I am a self-taught Taiwanese photographer and an amateur photographer for street, landscape, culture, and birds/wildlife/nature categories.